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Product Description
Able Target Limited is a professional manufacturer of coating film materials, sputtering targets, and an excellent supplier of nonferrous metals, evaporation material, crucible, high purity materials, rare earth materials and alloys for Flat Panel Display industry, Architectural and automotive glass coating ,Optical communication and optical storage coating, Electronic Coating, Solar panel coating, Semiconductor, PVD coating industry, and all kinds of downstream industry of sputtering target.
We have a whole experimental analysis and thin film deposition technique through smelting, hot-press and hot isostatic presses(HIP) press at high purity (99%, 99.9%, 99.99%, 99.999%, 99.9999 %.) with very competitive price and customized approach.
Able Target have the best excellent engineers with experienced skills and a specialty Magnetron Sputtering Technology focused on its core skills in producing coating film materials, precious metals, fine chemicals and processing technology.

Precious Alloys
Gold Antimony, Au/Sb
Gold Arsenic, Au/As
Gold Boron, Au/B
Gold Copper, Au/Cu
Gold Germanium, Au/Ge
Gold Nickel, Au/Ni
Gold Nickel Indium, Au/Ni/In
Gold Palladium, Au/Pd
Gold Phosphorus, Au/P
Gold Silicon, Au/Si
Gold Silver Platinum, Au/Ag/Pt
Gold Tantalum, Au/Ta
Gold Tin, Au/Sn
Gold Zinc, Au/Zn
Palladium Lithium, Pd/Li
Palladium Manganese, Pd/Mn
Palladium Nickel, Pd/Ni
Platinum Palladium, Pt/Pd
Palladium Rhenium, Pd/Re
Platinum Rhodium, Pt/Rh
Silver Arsenic, Ag/As
Silver Copper, Ag/Cu
Silver Gallium, Ag/Ga
Silver Gold, Ag/Au
Silver Palladium, Ag/Pd
Silver Titanium, Ag/Ti
Maybe what you need is not in the lists,but we can also manufacture some special size targets according to our customerís requests.

Contact Information
Able Target Limited
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Beijing, Beijing
China 100075
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